Raj Bose

Top Five Waterfalls in Iceland

Iceland is known as the ‘’Land of Ice and Fire’’. It’s a spectacular country boasting black beach, lava fields, amazing cliffs, massive puffin colonies, geysers and volcanic craters. But one thing that makes this country stand out is waterfalls- hundreds of them. Luckily a lot of them can be easily accessed and some requires a hike but trust me, it’s well worth the effort. I have visited Iceland twice so far but below are my top five waterfalls.


They say, build bridges, not walls. They also say, know which bridges to burn and which ones to cross. No matter what we might choose to believe, one thing is pretty clear – a bridge is way more than just a product of engineering! A bridge symbolises a journey, a connection; come to think of …

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The Peninsula in Markermeer: Marken (A fishing Village near Amsterdam)

Marken is considered a tourist attraction for its characteristic wooden houses. People built their houses on “werven”, artificial knolls, until the seventeenth century. It helped to avoid wet feet. After that they built their houses on poles. Since the Afsluitdijk was built, the island is no longer inundated but the typical houses still remain. The old …

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