Open Windows

Windows have always fascinated me. They let me feel the sun but not the burn. They let me extend my arm to feel the rain but not get drenched. They let in the fresh air but not the storm. They let me be alone with the moon.

I can keep them open, I can shut them on cold nights, I can draw curtains to take a nap. They allow me to take in the world outside, just as much as I would like. I can place planters on the sills and wake up to beautiful flowers. I can twirl fairy lights around them and make the whole house look festive.

They protect me; they give me a sense of control, even when nothing else agrees with me. Windows are almost the synonym of possibilities for me.

Perhaps, that is the reason why I am always on a look out for windows during my photo tours. Windows that make me wonder about the people of that house, windows with character, windows that have their own stories to tell. After all, they have seen the worlds grow, inside and outside.

Here, I share two of my favourite windows: first one is from Charleston South Carolina and the second, from Schladming Austria. Separated by miles of sea and land, so different but so similar.

5 thoughts on “Open Windows”

  1. I love the way you tell it. Just perfect. I could translate it into Dutch but then it wouldn’t tell this much.
    Good luck with your new workshop projects
    Greetings Aäron & Ilse

  2. A few days ago, when I read this description. I thought that I had better not write a comment. because after reading this I was impressed and I forgot about the pictures. and pictures and this text,it is impossible to describe just with words beautiful or gorgeous.every word and elements soul is present here.your images alive.I never thought about the windows so deeply. but everything is exactly as you say without exaggeration . the red window is really special. thank you for such a pleasant impressions.
    P.S. for a while I really wanted to be a window and hear in my address words like that.

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