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Fotopro X-Aircross 2

Being a landscape photographer, a tripod is probably the most important equipment I own besides the camera and lens. I mean there is no point having expensive camera and lens and try out long exposure shots with a tripod that is not stable and sturdy. That being said,Over the years I had many tripods of varying kinds but when I found theFotopro X-Aircross 2 earlier this year I was really impressed with it. As you all know there are so many tripods for every budget available in the market and honestly some of the cheap models. are fragile, not steady,and overall are poorly built. So when I started testing this tripod, my first impression was that this is a solid carbon fiber compact tripod with a comparatively small footprint.Hands down, this is by far the lightest tripod I have used.

Is this the best tripod for all condition? Surely not. But I must say for travel photography specially in cities and urban photography, this tripod is ideally suited. I took this tripod to Iceland and Chicago and below are my first impression about this tripod.

Weight and Size

Weighing just 912 grams or about 2 pounds, this tripod is incredibly light and so easy to carry. Moreover with its folded length of just 360 mm or about 14 inches, it can fit easily in your carry on suitcase and in pretty much any backpack.In fact, during my recent trip to Chicago, I was able to fit in this tripod inside the camera backpack. That allowed me to hide the tripod as I didn’t want to attract attention from unwanted people for security reason.


I always check tripod payload capability which provides an idea about the equipment it can support. Made from 2K Carbon finer, this tripod is rated for 10 kilograms or 22 pounds which is more than what I need for travel photography. I have used this with a variety of camera and lenses like Sony A7RIII and A1 with Sony 16-35 GM, 24-105, 100-400 GM and I got tack sharp images using this tripod.  What I also suggest is to use the small hook attached to the end of the center column by hanging a backpack or some wight which will add extra stability specially in windy conditions.Also I have taken long exposure images with exposure time ranging from few seconds to few minutes and the results have been very good. So overall very happy with the stability of this lightweight tripod.

Quick set up time

I absolutely love the Fotopro quick locking system. Essentially all youhave to do is to grab the lower end of the leg, twist and extend the legthe till you reach the maximum length and twist it back till it locks. It is super easy and have reduced my setting up time compared to the conventional twist locks system.Make sure all the different sections of the legs are locked properly. I had to practice it a few times to get used to this, but once I got the hang of it, it was very easy to set up this tripod.


This tripod is great for macrophotography or for people who likes to shoot from way down below. This tripod has a completely detachable center column. Just unscrew the hook, and the side lock, take out the center column, flip it over and stick it back in and lock it.  Voila! You can now attach the camera completely inverted.

Also there are 2 holes to mount the magic arms which comes in very handy if you want to attach a smart phone to it.

In conclusion I must say that after spending few months with this tripod, I can highly recommend tripod for travel and macro photography. The only drawback I have about this tripod is its height. I am almost 6’ tall and this tripod can reach a maximum height of 1510mm. So I have to stoop down quite a bitto use this tripod. The USP of this tripod is its compact size, super lightweight, stability and overall, just good quality for its price. So if you are looking for a tripod with such qualities look no further, just get this tripod and you will be a happy camper.

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Model No.

X-Aircross 2

Used for

Both DSLR and mirrorless cameras


Carbon Fiber


1. X-Aircross 2 tripod
2. Ball Head(FPH-42QR)

Weight (g)








Min. Height


Max. Load





2. Dual 360° Panorama shooting
3. The lightweight master

Note: I am a Fotopro ambassador and was provided this tripod for review. That being said, I have provided facts that I have experienced travelling with this tripod.