A Trip to Amsterdam: The city that belongs to the Youth!

So how was Amsterdam? That is a question, I keep getting asked. How wonderful is it to go to a place where the streets are filled with laughter and wherever you look, you get to see friendly faces smiling back at you. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we lived in a place where everyday, we could wake up and not worry about how to survive and actually live our lives to the fullest? It seems like such a fantasy right?




It became the truth for me, even if for just two days when I traveled to Amsterdam. For those two days, I felt like I was living another life. A life without any stress about the future.




It was so relaxing to leave behind all the competition, all the burden of success we all carry on our shoulders everyday of our lives. To me, Amsterdam seemed like a city for the free-spirited. It was such a welcoming sight to see people all around enjoying their time, without anything to shackle them down. Here you can always feel young whether you are seventeen or seventy! Amsterdam made me envious of the life I could be living.




Everyone in the city seems to know that their is no gain to constantly be in an unnecessary hurry. The fun is in enjoying the moment, just like riding a bicycle, which is mostly used by people here to travel around. You would think that this laid back and relaxed environment doesn’t really get much work done around here in the city, but actually Amsterdam is the home to the headquarters of seven of the world’s largest five hundred companies including Philips and ING. It is also culturally and artistically extremely rich. Its museums house the works of Vincent Van Gogh and Rembrandt.




Once you visit the city, you will know, why it is ranked the second best city in the world to live in. It not only has thriving job opportunities, but also is filled with happy people who know how to live in peace. No wonder, even musicians choose to write songs about this wonderful city.




The soul of Amsterdam lies in it’s biking culture and the canals. There are various canal routes and different companies provide services in different routes. they are like the nerves of the city that keeps it alive!




So what are you waiting for? Amsterdam is a must visit city and should be added to your bucket list immediately. Specially if life is being extra stressful and too fast paced right now.

3 thoughts on “A Trip to Amsterdam: The city that belongs to the Youth!”

  1. Your words that you used for answer the ‘how was Amsterdam?’ question are like see my own thoughts about the city, people and feeling on a page. Since 2007, I ‘ve been there many of times and I hope, I will be able to do it again soon Thank you!


    I absolutely agree and have the same feeling!!) if I can choose only one word to describe Amsterdam, I will say – Freedom)) . Great post and beautiful photos as well!!

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