The Peninsula in Markermeer: Marken (A fishing Village near Amsterdam)

Marken is considered a tourist attraction for its characteristic wooden houses. People built their houses on “werven”, artificial knolls, until the seventeenth century. It helped to avoid wet feet. After that they built their houses on poles. Since the Afsluitdijk was built, the island is no longer inundated but the typical houses still remain. The old clog-making workshop and the Marker Museum with its exhibition of traditional clothing are highly recommended.




Marken is such a small place that a circular hike around the outer side of the island will only add up to be nine kilometers. The lighthouse built in 1839, is still in working condition and provides for a spectacular vision!




I came across this one house where shoes were decorated as flower pots and it struck to me as such a brilliant idea. It was so simple but it looked so beautiful! I couldn’t help but salute the aesthetic sense of these people. Shown below are other great examples of the artistic sense of the people residing there in Marken.







Who doesn’t love some handmade flowers! That too when they come in such vibrant colors! They are perfect for indoor decoration as the real ones look best unplucked.




The picture above says a lot about Marken. It shows the youthful spirit of the people there, it shows the traditional style statement of the clothes worn by the locals and it shows the cycle culture of the place. Almost everyone’s main mode of transportation are cycles. It is so fresh and untouched by pollution, it feels extremely gratifying just riding on a cycle and roam around the small piece of paradise.

8 thoughts on “The Peninsula in Markermeer: Marken (A fishing Village near Amsterdam)”

  1. Always interesting to read articles from people around the globe. This one about Marken brought me back to a few years ago. For us it is normal but it shouldn’t be normal, if you know what I mean.
    Greetings from the Netherlands
    Aäron & Ilse
    Hopefully Houston will recover even stronger

    1. Aaron & llse,

      Many thanks for your comment. I loved Marken and Holland in general and looking forward to visit it again soon.

      We in Houston are stronger than ever and is working on getting back to normal life.

      Many thanks for your kind support.



  2. Beauty is in diversity. our world is so beautiful. and as well that in this high tech world ,there are authentic places like this and where the population lives comfortable . and how bad that in this highly developed world has the authentic and traditional places where life is very harsh…

    1. Hi Helene,

      I am not sure what you mean by paid topic. All the blogs are my personal experience except a couple that was written by others. I really appreciate your feedback.



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