Karen Cator
 I enjoy Raj’s workshops so much that I’ve been to three (Wisconsin Dells, Chicago and Scotland) of them in a year’s time! His excitement about photography is infectious and he deeply cares about the people he is teaching. I’ve learned so much about photography going to these workshops and have made some dear friendships along the way. I hope to experience more in the future.  
Marcia Celjar
 Raj is a talented and passionate photographer. He was very helpful and made it clear and easy to understand. There was a nice mix of photography slides and working on the streets. I learn better-having someone showing the steps and his photography workshop helped me a lot 
Gayla Wetz
 Raj is one of the best photographers I have ever seen. His artistic eye is like no other. I went on multiple workshops with him and he teaches extremely well. I went in not knowing anything and left feeling like a pro! He spends an ample amount of time planning and made our trip one of the most memorable times of my life. I look forward to working with him again and learning more.  
Lucy Priego
 “I really enjoyed taking this workshop in San Francisco with Raj Bose. He is a wonderful person and genuinely cares about his students, he always took time to answer everyone’s questions or help to find a button in their camera. I learned a lot during this workshop, from using many features in my camera, to amazing editing techniques. Thanks Raj for sharing your knowledge with all of us, I’m definitely looking forward to take another workshop in the future.”  
Powel Simbulan
 Not only is Raj everything you could ever ask for when looking for a master photographer, but he is simply an all-around great time. He is meticulous in his research and finds unique photo ops that make for great photos and even greater memories. Raj adjusts to every skill level and makes you feel comfortable no matter how complex the shot.  
Naveen Gupta
 Raj is incredibly talented...go on a workshop with him and you will come back wiser and inspired. He has a very keen eye for hidden beauty...whether it's a mundane window or a gorgeous sunset...Go explore the world of photography with this magician!! 
Manoj Suvarna
 Being an amateur photographer, I was quite intrigued by the idea of a tour that was dedicated exclusively for photography. While I was initially apprehensive, I plunged into it along with a friend knowing that I will certainly learn something more. Am glad I did - not only did it elevate my shutterbug skills but I also walked away with a unique experience of spending quality time with a like-minded diverse group of fellow amateurs and some pros. Raj has a knack of spotting very picturesque locales and back roads that one usually doesn't witness as a tourist, including some gastronomic surprises along the way. I have a whole new appreciation for the Italian countryside as a result of this trip. I hope to join Raj again during one of his future endeavors!  
Lisa Nishimuta
 I’ve been using an iPhone for pictures, and finally bought a real camera for travel photography. But I quickly realized I didn’t know how to use my Sony 7aiii. So I decided to attend Raj’s workshop in San Francisco. It was a wonderful experience. I learned so much about my camera, the settings, composition and editing. I even learned some iPhone tricks. Raj is so knowledgeable and patient. He’s a great teacher. I had the least experience in the small group, but the whole group was so helpful. I highly recommend a Raj Bose Photography workshop.  
Larry Rook
 The class was fantastic. In one of the most beautiful places on Earth, Mr. Bose led a fantastic photography course that appealed to a group of photographers ranging in skill level from beginner to advanced, and from Canon to Nikon to iPhones. I was amazed at how well he navigated the material in a way that was meaningful to everyone. By the end of the course, we were all far better photographers than when we started. Best. Workshop. Ever 
Smita Sinha
 Raj is an awesome photographer, who is dedicated, passionate, friendly, fun-loving and above all an amazing teacher who simplifies complex photography techniques in very easy to follow step by step manner. Listens keenly, addresses all the questions and handholds you end to end. He has the capability to put you at ease and takes away the technically intimidating factors out of photography. I had the privilege to attend one of his workshops in Houston where our goal was to learn the basics of photography, long exposure photography, and post-processing using Lightroom and Photoshop. We took away a lot in the two-day workshop and had a lot of fun while learning. I look forward to attending his other workshops in the future  
 The true reason behind all the wonderful images is The Photographer who is full of creativity and inspiration! Thank you Raj for sharing your knowledge and your genuine inspiration during our recent San Francisco workshop!  
Vrushal Dongre
 Attending the workshop was a wonderful experience on many levels - a well-organized itinerary with the flexibility to account for SF weather, thoughtfully selected locations. time allocated to class room sessions and yet it was not rushed. Raj's passion for sharing his knowledge and his love for the art made it a great learning experience and the most enjoyable part was getting to spend a weekend with my friend, learning from him, and making some wonderful new friends. 
Walita Jendo
 Raj is an amazing photographer mentor! His 2021 San Fran workshop was my first photography workshop ever and I'm so happy that It was with him. I had the greatest time, learned a lot, and spent a few days with a group of amazing like minded people. Before we even started taking photos, he took the time to explain some essential photography skills in the field and while in class, he explained all the details in Lightroom Classic! Being an amateur photographer who loves taking photos without any knowledge of post processing, I was really looking forward to that portion of the trip. He walked around to help each person individually in LrC and let me tell you, the first two photos I edited on my own after the workshop are on a different level than all my previous photos put together! If you're interested in a photography workshop, make sure it's Raj's because you have fun and learn A LOT. I'm looking forward to the next workshop myself because one wasn't enough 🙂  
Sukanya Bhattacharya
 Raj is a great photographer. I went on a workshop with him in San Francisco and was awestruck with his attention to detail. He is a great teacher and a patient listener. We walked around the city the whole day to take pictures and he knew exactly where to be, at what time of the day, to get the perfect lighting for a perfect picture. Keep up all the good work, Raj. You inspire a lot of us. Cheers!  
Crystal Juarez
 Raj’s San Francisco workshop was such a great experience. I especially loved how well it was organized. We visited so many beautiful place during the workshop and I learned many photography techniques at each location. Raj was always very helpful and his passion for photography is incredible! I also learned a lot of new editing techniques. I had a great time and made new friends. I’m definitely looking forward to attending more workshops in the future. 
Erlinda Villamor
 Raj is a great photo/tour leader - a fine photographer, hard-working and conscientious; I wish him much success. Thanks for a memorable workshop and travel in Iceland  
Alixandria Hill
 Iceland was an epic and magical adventure! I couldn't even blink the scenery was so spectacular! And in such a short amount of time Raj taught me everything I needed to know and more about my gear and how to use it. This experience not only gave me so many tools but a craving to get out and use them as much as possible. It has even affected my peers through my social networks! Life is a playground and I must experience it and thanks to Raj's workshop I had the opportunity and have future opportunities to come. I met some incredible lifelong friends as well. Truly unforgettable and inspiring. 
Lauren Cvengros
 The Iceland workshop was an experience of a lifetime! Raj fearlessly led our group of photographers around this stunning country with an incredibly detailed itinerary and an energetic attitude. Through exploring the Icelandic landscape by day and studying the camera and editing process by night, Raj is a fantastic teacher. Whether you are a long-time photographer, or it’s your first time holding a camera, you will end your excursion with a better understanding of how to make beautiful photographs