Hello all and welcome to my site!!

I am Raj Bose -the man behind the lens. Photography for me is just not clicking but it is a connection with my soul. It has a much deeper meaning for me. If I see something that needs to be clicked- my camera naturally gravitates to me and I just click. As simple as that! I capture the world, the way I see it; the camera being an extension of my body. It is like an avenue for me to express my feeling to the world- I am just obsessed with it.
I just love every aspect of photography and I specialize in different genres of photography, including but not limited to, travel, wildlife, street portrait and landscape photography.
I regularly conduct photography workshops across the world (group and private). In fact, I enjoy teaching photography as much as I do taking photos!! Through my workshops I can provide you the right guidance and tools that will raise photography to the next level. My workshops cover (not limited to) basics of photography, different cameras settings, HDR, long exposure, my trademark post processing techniques and much more. So all you need is a camera and passion and join me in one of my workshop.
So far I have successfully conducted international workshops in countries like Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Iceland, Croatia and Slovenia. There are more exciting workshops planned in the future including Ireland, Norway, Faroe Islands and Scotland. In USA I have conducted workshops in Houston, San Francisco and in New York City. Please visit the workshop section in this website or contact me through contact form if you need any further information.
I look forward to seeing you in my next workshop! Please leave your feedback in the guestbook section and visit my Facebook and Instagram page.


Norway Photography Workshop

March 15-23, 2024

Best of Iceland

September 1-8, 2024

Beauty of Vermont in the Fall

Oct 4-6, 2024