Volendam (A town in Netherlands): An Artist’s recluse.

Volendam is a day trip from Amsterdam, just like Zaanse Schanz. It is a small fishing town, situated in Northern Holland, Netherlands. The picture below was taken on a regular street in the town. 

To anyone who comes to visit Volendam, the first thing that will strike in the mind is its cleanliness. The town is almost spotless! Although, it is a small town with only 22000 residents, its a major tourist attraction. The place is famous for its traditional Dutch costumes and old fishing boats.

The picture below is a ice cream stall parked at the corner of the street. More than ice cream, what caught my eyes were the various ways the stall was decorated. It was such a vibrant sight! The flowers and the fruits; pictures and paintings; all made the stall come to life. 

These handmade pinwheels portray the mood of Volendam in whole. The choice of colors are a reflection of how happy the residents of this town must be.

This picture is a typical sight of a basket of flowers hanging from the windows of a house in Volendam. 

There is a reason why artist’s like Picasso and Renoir loved spending time in this small town. There is a certain serenity in the environment of the town which cultivates creativity. Every single aspect of the town is not only well planned but extremely artistically decorated. So this place is also a must visit if you want to spend some time on self cultivation and relaxation. Something, that all of us need from time to time.

4 thoughts on “Volendam (A town in Netherlands): An Artist’s recluse.”

  1. I see from your profile that you’re based in Houston. So how is it that you have so much work featuring the Netherlands? I have been to the Netherlands and would love to go again!

    1. Hello karen,

      I went to Netherlands in 2016. That is why I thought of writing a shot blog about my trip. Thank you for stopping by.


  2. I visited Volendam many years ago when I was in my 20’s. I found it and all the other little towns out from Amsterdam to be so quaint and interesting.

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