Zaanse Schanz: The Land of Historic Windmills

Zaanse Schanz is a major tourist attraction in Netherlands. It is a one day trip from Amsterdam and is totally worth visiting it! Zaanse Schanz is famous for its well preserved historic windmills. The scattered cottages, strong running windmills, and the long stretch of countryside is as picturesque as it can get. 

The refreshing air of the countryside is so relaxing, I felt like I could just sit back and keep gazing at the fields. Zaanse Schanz is also known for its cheese! So all the cheese lovers of the world, definitely have a treat waiting for them here.

Another wonderful creation from Zaans Schanz is their collection of wooden shoes. When you look at a store, filled with them, It seems like the place is a page out of a fairy tale in a children’s book! It is so colorful, it can instantly brighten up anyone’s mood.

The more I looked around, the more I wanted to capture every angle to take them back with me to cherish. The more I clicked, I realised, they will never be as good as feeling the wind against your cheeks in this place. Still, an attempt to capture the mood of Zaanse Schanz. Next time you visit Amsterdam, do take some time out and visit this blissful place. Hope you all enjoyed this post and it made your day a little bit brighter!

2 thoughts on “Zaanse Schanz: The Land of Historic Windmills”

  1. The photo’s are wonderful!
    Although i live in The Netherlands i have never been to Zaanse Schans (the correct spelling is with an s at the end )
    Another great place to visit in springtime is the Keukenhof in Lisse! Or the wooden shoe museum (klompen museum) in Eelde

    1. Francisca,

      I heard about Keukenhof a lot and maybe I get to go back to Holland and see this beautiful place.

      Greetings from Houston.


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