Bahamas: Where I got to swim with the pigs!

Where can you swim around in the crystal-clear ocean with swimming pigs? Correct. In the Caribbean. To be exact, in the Bahamas.
The Bahamas consist of about 700 islands, of which 30 are inhabited. Nestled in the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, the island with subtropical mild climate and an average yearly temperature of about 26 degrees has become very popular with tourists from around the world.


Many divers and snorkelers are lured by over 2,000 coral reefs, with a stunning and dazzling underwater world. The Big Grands Cay housewives, which are no longer so unknown, have the Bahamas not least by a commercial on the German TV on the travel list of many, above settled. Not for nothing, if you ask me.




It is a pretty bizarre sight to see the small and big pink pigs wading at the Pigbeach in the water. Take salad or bread for the “sea” rabbits. With joy and a swim in the water, they will thank you.




Day trip from Exuma to the pigs of Big Major Cay:
You pay about $ 180 for a boat trip and gets a colorful and long day offered. But remember that you book the trip early, because even tourists from Miami, flown for a few hours, just to see the pigs.




Villas and private islands of the “beautiful and rich“:
– Feeding the green iguanas on Guana Cay
Thunderball Grotto (Grotto from the movie “James Bond 007 Thunderball“)
– Red Starfish & Conch
– Drug aircraft from Pablo Escobar’s “business partner”
– nurse sharks (10 $ extra cost)
– Sandbank

Island of swimming pigs:
Unfortunately the excursion with the local providers is very touristy. If you can, you should try to go there on your own. Maybe you are with a sailing ship or catamaran in the Caribbean. Maybe you’ll meet nice sailors there too and take you to the swimming pigs. So you’re not synonymous timed clocked, as you are unfortunately with the local providers.
On Sundays, many sailors meet on Stocking Island, a small forested island at Georgetown, where you can get in touch with sailors and possibly negotiate a tour. In the port of Georgetown you can take a water taxi to Stocking Island for 8 $.




My opinion:
I do not recommend Stocking Island, as the island is too touristy and crowded. The dog owners make their animals in the sand and the next barefoot is happy about it! The price performance ratio for food and drinks does not fit. Due to the partly very unfriendly staff, the overall situation is also not presented more positively.




But what surely gives you a lot of pleasure is that you can feed huge conch shells with conch shells at the Conch (Shell) bar. However, caution is advised, since the skates can sting at risk or simply in an unfortunate moment. But if you cautiously caress them and give them food, they gently slip with their bodies over your feet. They are very calm and delicate animals. But you should always keep the spine in mind!




Exuma, for example, has more to offer than the well-known excursions to the swimming pigs. Georgetown is the largest city of Great Exuma. There you will find nice shops selling handmade and stylish souvenirs from the Caribbean. Have a look at Tropical Accents and Gifts. This is my absolute favorite. Pictures, with the typical maritime-creole motifs, high-quality dresses and bikinis, bags and many interesting articles, you will find there. For food, of course, is also taken care of. You can choose a supermarket or small shops on the roadside. It will be cheaper for you if you use the supermarket for your needs. Alcoholic beverages, up to the different rums, international and country-specific beer specialties, you get everything your heart desires.




Beach ranking:
Bookbinding beaches invite you to go for a secluded walk along the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. Dolphins and sea turtles you can simply sighted and watch from the beach, you do not even have to go into the water.

1. Tropic of Cancer Beach (There you are not alone)
2. Hooper Bay Beach, entrance to Jolly Hall Beach (dive with turtles: go to the waterways and wait for the water turtles for a short time)
3. Three Sisters (There you are alone)

Unfortunately, there are exuma sandflies that can make your life difficult. Be prepared with long clothes or stay in the wind, close to the beach.

Have fun and enjoy your stay!

Aloha Michaela