Guadeloupe: The island above the winds. (Part-1)

For only 370 € it goes from Paris to the Caribbean with the airline “” to check directly on how the rum is ordered. Through “” I found in January 2017 a very cheap offer. So it goes nonstop into the legendary island world of the Caribbean. With “” I fly for 49.95 € from Düsseldorf to Paris, Charles de Gaulle. Unfortunately, there are no direct flights from Germany to the small French island paradise. I use the time and stay one night in Paris to look at the Eiffel Tower and a few other interesting sights. I found a small inexpensive room at “

Paris impressed me, although I have been here as a child a few times, I discover the city completely new. I noticed that the Parisians are very helpful, because whenever I have my heavy suitcase of 23 kilos the long stairs of the Metro up and down – unfortunately, there are only very rare elevators or escalators – tear me formally men and women also mean mine suitcase from the hand and help me carry. More relaxed it is the bus from the airport for 11 € to take the city. Also advised is Charles de Gaulle’s luggage depot, where you can include your suitcases for a certain period of time. Two days cost 28 €.

The six diversified islands of Guadeloupe are located directly at Martinique and Dominica. Guadeloupe belongs to the islands above the wind and is therefore visited from July to November from time to time by tropical storms. In recent years Gwada has been relatively spared from Hurricanes, as Guadeloupe also calls it.


The isles of the Lesser Antilles are overseas territories of France. This means that all laws enacted in France are also applied to Guadeloupe. This again means that you are paying with the Euro, since Guadeloupe is in the EU. The official language is, of course, French, but if you do not speak this language, no problem. In the article I have linked you to a website, which provides various excursion possibilities and communicate in English is no problem for the founder of the company. In Basse-Terre and Grand-Terre, you will also meet many locals who like to speak English. The smaller and more primitive the islands (Marie-Galante, for example), the more difficult it is to get along without knowing French. Perhaps you can just grab a little translator who also contains a few examples. This makes it relatively easy for your holiday.


Arrived in Guadeloupe, I am really surprised at the large and modern airport. Also here the people are very friendly and try to help you somehow with English, although you are not really able to speak their language. A taxi takes me from the airport for about 33 euros from the airport, located on the main island of Grand-Terre, to Le Gosier to a small cottage, where I have an apartment at “” has booked. I am very happy to have made this choice as the landlady, Agnes, is incredibly open-minded, helpful and friendly. She speaks French but also English, with whom you can exchange all the important things. Agnes already provided me with water, juices, shampoo and shower gel in the apartment. On Sundays the shops are unfortunately closed. The apartment is simply charming and looks much better in reality than on the homepage.


Not far from the beautiful apartment is the beach La Datcha. Especially in the evening he is impressive. Even if everything is dipped in the dark, you can still swim and relax on this beach. Large floodlights provide the best lighting and small bars for your physical well-being. From La Datcha you have a very good view of the small family island Îlet de Gossier. With a taxi boat you can go back and forth for five euros and spend a day, or even a few hours, on the island. I especially liked the lighthouse, which is about three minutes from the creek.


On Îlet de Gossier is a great restaurant with delicious delicacies of the Caribbean. However, you must give your order when you open the kitchen, because lunch is very popular and sold out very quickly. A Heineken beer you get there already for 2,50 Euro and a Carib for 3,00 Euro. For a fish dish you can plan about 15 to 20 euros. But it is also cheap at the supermarket shopping and a cool bag with you.

If you want to book excursions to Guadeloupe and you can not speak French, you are like me. I can use a few single words and simple phrases which can be useful to a but not a booking trip. On the Internet, I’ve come across a great page “”. A provider offering different tours, for example the volcano La Suffriere or even walks to waterfalls with a picnic on site. Many other interesting excursions can be found on the site. Stéphane Martial, the founder of Guadeloupe Advisor, gave me two great tours.


Because of this very nice intermediate supplier you have nothing to worry about, since it is reachable at any time and takes care of your tours perfectly. Stéphane has lived in Canada for a couple of years and is fluent in English. French is his mother tongue and as a native of the Caribbean, he also knows particularly well on the small island world of Guadeloupes.


Just take care that you wear hiking boots, running shoes or perhaps other, solid footwear. No sandals, flip-flops or cloth shoes. Partly the route is steep, rocky, slippery and sometimes you wander deep to your legs by the refreshing wetness of the river. Do not worry, you do not have to go deeper into crystal water. With mosquitoes I had no problems, but maybe you just grab an antimony spray in the backpack, because not every day is like the other.


For this I have to explain briefly that I have been vegetarian for several years. I always liked to eat meat, because it tasted very much for me. What does not like me, that there are now in many countries a disgusting mass handling and I just do not want to expect the animals, not to be dealt with appropriately. But I also think that if you want to get involved with countries, you want to experience country and people with their culture and the associated customs, food is also part of it. Also meat dishes. If they are eaten naturally in the respective country. Therefore, I try (with a bad conscience to the animals) and also traditional meat dishes, when I am traveling.


The culinary excursion I also made with “” starts in the morning at 10:00 in Pointe-à-Pitre the capital Guadeloupe. For 10 euros you can try the different dishes of the island and also makes a guided tour of the lively and bustling city. For example, you will be served the famous sorbet de coco (coconut ice cream), for coconut lovers you really have to be careful, because the sorbet tastes very aromatic and fresh with the fresh ingredients – you can not get enough of it!


On your menu, of course, hearty delicacies and also the famous Tea Punch, rum with cane sugar and limes, can not be missed on such a day. The costs for the food and drinks, which are shown and given to you, are included in the 10 euro already. Nevertheless, you should put more money, since you can visit the fish, farmers, flowers and spice market and buy great souvenirs for the home. I especially like the different spices grown on the islands of Gwadas. Rum you buy better in a Rumdestillerie, but I will go later on in the second part of the article.

If you liked the first part of my blog on Guadeloupe, keep a look out here for more. 

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