Guadeloupe: Island above the winds. (Part-3)

Hi guys! I am back with the last part of my blog on my trip to Guadeloupe.


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The cemetery “Morne-à-L’eau”:

The town of Morne-à-l’Eau is located in the interior of the country of Grand Terre and has a tourist attraction. On a hillside, a very interesting cemetery has been built more than 100 years ago. Already at the entrance into the town, the tomb chapels are right in the eye. It is a bizarre place with hundreds of mausoleums, mostly chessboard in black and white.




You will also find a few resting places in other colors, such as pink, pastel yellow or light blue. Most of the tombs are covered with tiles, a few are completely reduced only with sand, some are only painted, and others are made of marble and decorated with intricate inlaid work. A few buildings are designed like small houses, there are right seats inside the dead houses and look almost like small living rooms. Some tombs are equipped with sloping roofs and terraces and invite you to relax in a “cozy round”. To me somehow bizarre.




Guadeloupe often produces mausoleums because it is very difficult to excavate graves in the hard volcanic soil. The oldest tomb of Morne-à-l’Eau dates from 1847. The cemetery is free and absolutely worth seeing.

A trip to the island of Les Saintes:

After Les Saintes you should drive or fly. For me it is a place with a special port, which somehow does not go out of my head. To Sydney, the port of Les Saintes is for me the most beautiful port in the world. With the particular topography of the island, the harbor is very spectacular and somehow surreal. Just look at the Internet for a photo showing the port from the bird’s eye view or one of the viewpoints.




You should plan one or two nights for Les Saintes to drive to the Fort Napoléon des Saintes early in the morning with a rented scooter. You have the advantages on your side: On the one hand, it is still not too hot and on the other hand, no other people are pushing for your photo.




I looked at the nice shops in the harbor and went to the beach to take a cool bath in peace and seclusion. This beach is not well-visited, as it is more popular with the locals and not with the numerous visitors who visit Les Saintes every year. You must always have a sunscreen with a high light protection factor at Les Saintes. The sun shines mercilessly and it is always extremely hot!

The island of Marie-Galante:

The original, decelerated and animated island invites me, in my opinion, for several days to linger and discover. I decided to stay six nights in Saint François on a sailboat. The Singapore Sling I have over “” found and immediately fell in love with her.




I just like the maritime life and all that belongs to it. I drove from Pointe-a-Pitre to Saint-Louis by ferry for just under twenty euros and was received directly by Pierre, the owner and captain of Singapore Sling. With the Dingue we drove to my new home on time. After a friendly and long introduction into the habits and rules of the sailors, I then brought Captain Pierre back ashore. The approximately 25-year-old boat with three cabins is about 30-40 meters from the mainland. It is equipped with all important for daily life. From a fully functional kitchen with fresh water tanks to two bathrooms with showers and some sockets for camera, hairdryer or whatever, the one-master is a floating apartment. If you suffer from seasickness, the choice of a sailboat is probably not so good. Even if the Singapore Sling anchors, it can of course move very wavering. During the first nights I could not sleep, because the waves provided for an enormous noise. For this I was still quite shaken. On the third night nature was gracious and I could sleep wonderfully.




By the way, safety is very important on this boat. The owner has, for example, basically three anchors on board, so that in principle also several anchors can be set. After Pierre has thrown the anchor, he dives briefly with his fins and mask and checks whether the anchor (or sometimes the anchors) is properly fixed in the ground. This is done during the day and at night. Pierre will be happy to sail you from the port of Saint-Louis to a secluded beach where you can sunbathe undisturbed.




In the course of time, the captain and chef will prepare your lunch and bring you back to the Singapore Sling Board on time for lunch. After I completely eaten fresh fish, crisp salad and olive bread it went also directly to the Anse Canot. You will be left alone there by the captain in the afternoon and you can enjoy coral reefs, fish, rays and the wonderful flora with its magical colors.




Rumdestillerie on Marie-Galante:

I am a big fan of rum, which is why I became particularly aware when I heard more frequently that the best rum in the Caribbean is to be found on the islands of Guadeloupe. Locals and Frenchmen have recommended a visit to a rum factory on Marie-Galante. Bielle, a distillery founded at the end of the 19th century, is located in the heart of the island and invites you to an extensive visit with subsequent rum tasting.




I am completely devoted to the rum Brut de Fût with 53.1%, which has achieved prices in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Unfortunately one can only introduce one liter of alcohol to Germany and thus bring me a mixture of six rum licqueur home. Orange, Vanilla, Cocos, Coffee, Chocolate and Rum Blanc are the select varieties I am looking forward to. If you are a lover of rum, it is a must for you to visit the production site of the brown gold of the Caribbean. The rum blanc is not really my case, since it is too dry to personally.

On the island you can see for example in March how the sugar cane is harvested by hand. On the larger islands of Guadeloupe, farmers are harvesting large tractors, but Marie-Galante still sees the original way of winning the sugar cane.

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