Top locations in Chicago to photograph Chicago skyline.

Chicago boasts one of the best skyline in the world. Skyscrapers like the Willis Tower, Hancock Building and bunch of other tall buildings set against the beautiful blue water of Lake Michigan is indeed very impressive. Following are the  top locations in Chicago from where you will be able to photograph the beautiful Chicago skyline.

#4. Fullerton Beach

Parking in Chicago can be very expensive. Luckily  in the evening hours you can park for free park near the intersection of  North Cannon Drive and West Fullerton Pkwy. Then walk down to the Fullerton Beach and locate the pier. You can then compose a shot with the skyline on the background and the piles on the left. Wait for the golden hour and click away.



#3. Navy Pier

This shot was taken from the Navy Pier. You can also use a boat as foreground.



#2 Hancock Observatory

Another amazing place to take a shot of the skyline. I prefer going there in the evening after the city lights up. The view from the 94th floor is really beautiful. But there is a catch though – tripod is not allowed at the observatory. I suggest carrying a backpack with and use it as a tripod. Try taking photos from the north, south and west side of the building. East side of the building is Lake Michigan which will be completely dark at night. Try parking on E Chestnut St or E Delaware Pl. If you wish to park at the observatory parking it is going to cost $31 for a couple of hours!






#1. Adler Planetarium

No doubt the best vantage point to take photo of the Chicago skyline. Make sure you have a wide angle lens. I used a 16-35 mm f/2.8 L lens. Try to reach there before sunset and shoot through the golden hour. Parking is quiet easy compared to other parts of Chicago downtown and after 5 pm parking costs $13 which is not bad compared to other locations.



8 thoughts on “Top locations in Chicago to photograph Chicago skyline.”

  1. Wow the city looks surreal. It’s amazing. You can feel the energy radiating from the pictures. Well done! I’ll have to use this as reference if I ever go to Chicago.

  2. Raj, you shoot amazing. Your photos are beautiful. Very happy to watch them. Well done….. I recomment to everyone.

  3. It’s more than a million. millions of lights, glowing lines,millions of construction material and labour. millions of people have their fingers on the Pulse of the city, etc.etc.But most importantly is image. Picture in a million. Art photography has a magical power that gives the opportunity for a moment to feel what you’re not looking at a picture and that you are there somewhere deep inside a million thanks for such a good impression…..

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